Frequently Asked Questions

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We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the Clinical Center. We have tried to address some of the most common questions here. If you have others, please ask.

Do I have to be an SIU student to use the Clinical Center?

No. The Clinical Center is open to the general public as well as to members of the SIUC community.

Who Provides Services?

Most services are provided by student clinicians in training to become professionals. The student clinicians will have completed the appropriate coursework and will be working toward a masters degree or doctoral degree in their professional field. All student clinicians will be closely supervised. To adequately supervise these clinicians, faculty typically require observation and/or recordings of sessions.

Can I Get Help Without Anyone Knowing?

Information concerning services that have been provided is held in strictest confidence to the extent allowed by law. In general, Clinical Center staff will communicate with no one (including family, physicians, or other agencies) concerning treatment without express written consent from the person who has received services and/or that individual’s parent or legal guardian. By law, however, information must be disclosed if there is intent to harm oneself or another person, if it is suspected that a child or elder person has been abused or neglected, or if a court orders such disclosure.

Does the Clinical Center Charge Fees?

The Clinical Center charges fees for services. However, because the Center participates in training and research as well as in the provision of service, the fees are generally much lower than those charged by private practitioners or clinics. Also, there is a reduced fee scale based on gross annual income and the number of dependents supported by that income.

How Can I Get Help?

The best ways to initiate services or to find out more about the services offered at the Clinical Center are to call the receptionist, (618) 453-2361, or come see us on campus in Wham 141. We ask that the person who will be receiving services makes the request for services. In the case of a minor child, their parent or legal guardian should contact us. During this first contact we will ask you for some basic information (name, address, phone number, etc.). Depending on the services you are interested in, you may be scheduled for a screening or intake interview.