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How do I arrange for counseling?

Please call the Clinical Center receptionist at 618-453-2361 to initiate services.  Each person or couple/family that request counseling services is first scheduled for an intake assessment. This assessment includes an interview focusing on client history, presenting concerns, and, for individual clients, computerized testing. The computerized testing includes several psychological questionnaires to help identify treatment areas. The assessment helps the Coordinator of Psychological Services match clients to appropriate counselors.  There is no charge for the intake assessment.

How long will it take to get a clinician assigned to me?

Once this initial assessment has been completed and the report written, clients are assigned to available counselors on a first-come, first-serve basis. If an appropriate counselor for your concerns is available, the time between your initial call and the assignment can be as little as two weeks. If, however, an appropriate counselor is not available or if the University is between semesters, the process will take longer. 

How do I request a psychological evaluation?

All requests for evaluations must begin with the receptionist who will schedule a telephone screening, which takes about 30 minutes. This screening provides the information needed to determine whether the Clinical Center has the resources to meet the evaluation request. Afterwards a letter is sent stating whether the request has been approved. Because of the number of requests received and the limited number of available clinicians, it may take a while before an evaluation can be completed.  We will attempt to inform you of how long this may be.

Can I request a specific counselor or certain type of counselor?

Yes, you can request a specific counselor or a certain type of counselor (e.g., a male or female counselor). All special requests will be reviewed by the Psychological Services Coordinator for appropriateness and for counselor availability. Please be aware that adding this stipulation may increase the length of time before you can be seen. 

What are the counselor's qualifications?

Staff and faculty who see clients or supervise student clinicians at the Clinical Center have doctoral or master?s degrees depending on their academic specialty. Many have a license from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation or certification from a national professional organization or both. Students are counselors-in-training who have had sufficient coursework and preclinical experiences to prepare them for working with clients. All students are supervised by departmental faculty or Clinical Center staff. 

What does it mean when my counselor says they are "supervised"?

Each student who provides clinical services at the Clinical Center is supervised by either Clinical Center staff or by faculty from the respective academic department. The exact form the supervision takes depends both on the skill level of the student and the orientation of the supervisor. All clinicians in training are required to either audio or DVD record each session they conduct. This requirement provides the supervisor important information about the clinician's skill development. The recordings are kept at the Clinical Center in a secure location and are erased/destroyed after supervisory review. These recordings are never part of a client's permanent Clinical Center record. Any other use of the recordings (for example, research studies) requires written permission from all clients involved. 

Who has access to my records?

All information we collect from you is kept in confidence. Information we collect can only be disclosed to someone else when you provide us with specific written permission to do so or as stipulated by the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental disabilities Confidentiality Act, Illinois Department of Human Services. Examples of legal disclosure without consent are when we: (a) suspect a child has been abused or neglected or both, (b) suspect elder abuse (c) determine that you are a danger to yourself or others, or (d) are ordered by a court to disclose information. 

How much does counseling cost?

There is a schedule of fees for service that will be mailed to you at the time you request service. The Clinical Center's income-based sliding fee scale does offer individuals the opportunity to apply for reduced fees. Individuals receiving service are personally responsible for all charges incurred. The Clinical Center does not bill Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance companies. We do not accept payment from Medicare or Medicaid. However, clinic staff will provide itemized bills that can be submitted with a claim to a private insurance company. Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for our services. If you have questions concerning Clinical Center billing policies and procedures, call (618) 453-2361. 

Am I limited to the number of sessions I can have?

No. The number of sessions a client has is a clinical decision made by the counselor (and their supervisor) based on a number of factors such as therapeutic progress and client attendance for sessions. 

Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

For further questions contact Dr. Holly Cormier, Psychological Services Coordinator, at (618) 453-2361.