Speech and Language Services FAQ

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How do I arrange for speech and language services?

Each client or legal guardian of a minor child (aged 17 and younger), will call the receptionist at 618-453-2361.  Please tell the receptionist the service you are requesting and s/he will collect basic contact information.  This information will be forwarded to one of the graduate assistants who will return your call to collect more specific clinical information and schedule the appointment.

How long will it take to get a clinician assigned to me?

Speech and language services are offered only when classes are in session, and returning clients are given priority scheduling each new semester.  Client appointments are first determined by the training needs of our students, and second by status on the waitlist.  The graduate assistant will inform you of any anticipated delay.  Clients who require services sooner than we can provide will be offered referral information to other area agencies providing comparable care.

How do evaluations work?

Speech-language evaluations may be conducted as evaluation only, or as part of on-going diagnostic therapy.  For example, a client who requires an evaluation only (for diagnostic purposes, second opinion, etc.) will participant in a single 2-3 hour long appointment, but receive no subsequent therapy at this facility.  A client who intends to continue with therapy will be evaluated in the first 2-3 sessions).

What are the clinicians' qualifications?

Faculty who provide services in the Clinical Center have either Doctoral or Master's degrees, are licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, and hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  Graduate students in training hold Bachelor's degrees in speech-language pathology and are directly supervised by licensed and certified faculty.

What does it mean when my clinician tells me they are "supervised"?

Each student who provides clinical services at the Clinical Center is supervised by faculty from the Communication Disorders & Sciences Program.  Supervision takes many forms, i.e. direct observation, review of a video or audio recording of a session, exchange of written reports, etc.  All discussions, recorded materials, and documents are kept in confidence in compliance with HIPAA regulations.  Clients give authorization to be video or audio recorded prior to the first session.  We regret that clients who prefer not to be recorded will not receive services as this is an essential component of our training program.

How much do speech and language services cost?

Please call the receptionist at 618-453-2361 for the current fee-for-service schedule.  The Clinical Center offers a sliding fee scale, based on income, which offers individuals the opportunity to apply for reduced fees.  Individuals receiving services are personally responsible for all charges incurred, and payment is expected at time of service.  We do not accept payment from private insurers, Medicare or Medicaid; however, you may be provided with an itemized bill that can be submitted with a claim to a private insurance company.  We strongly recommend that you obtain pre-approval for qualifying benefits.  Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for our services.  Please contact the receptionist with any questions concerning billing policies and procedures.